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From the large university campus to the small liberal arts classroom to the inside of a prison multi-purpose room, I have been fortunate to have had opportunities to share in the transformative work of education in a range of settings. At the college-level, I have been the instructor for two introductory criminal justice courses, and served as a teaching assistant for two introductory courses and two upper-level courses. At the University of Minnesota, I taught “Introduction to American Criminal Justice,” a required introductory course for the Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance major. At Hamline University, a private liberal arts college in St. Paul, I taught “Crime and Justice in America,” a required course for Hamline’s Criminal Justice major.

CJFS 1120: Crime and Justice in America

Hamline University, Fall 2016

"His passion about criminal justice makes me want to be that passionate about it and learn everything i can!"

"Robert was an amazing professor. He talked to the students in a different way ... He kept it real with everyone in the class."

"Professor Stewart was by far one of the best professors that I had this semester. He used his personal experiences as a way to effectively show us the criminal justice system. He would come to class prepared to teach us, he was always attentive to the atmosphere of the class and would address any concerns."

"Rob Stewart is a great instructor. His teaching style correlates to his students by making the environment comfortable and safe."

(1=strongly disagree, 7=strongly agree)

SOC 3101: Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

University of Minnesota, Summer 2015

(1=strongly disagree, 6=strongly agree)

"This was one of the best professors/instructors I have had at the University of Minnesota. I learned a lot from the straightforward way he talked, the quality over quantity readings he assigned, and the hands-on experience he provided with setting up prison tours and a variety of guest speakers. He made this class one of my favorites and helped me learn a great deal."

"If every professor were as passionate about the subject as Rob, I’m sure the course would remain exceptional for semesters to come."

"This class has been a great experience and a really interesting perspective on the criminal justice system. I would recommend this class to everyone. I hope he will teach more classes in the future because I will take them."

Other Teaching Experience - (Teaching Assistant)

SOC 3102: Criminal Behavior and Social Control

(University of Minnesota, Spring 2013)

SOC 3101: Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

(University of Minnesota, Fall 2012)

SOC 4142: Juvenile Justice and the Law

(University of Minnesota, Spring 2012)

SOC 4101: Sociology of Law

(University of Minnesota, Fall 2011)

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